April 29, 2010

Musical career resumed, possible drama in July

Sawajiri Erika (24), whom has expressed intention of divorcing her husband Takashiro Tsuyoshi (45) on the 29th, appeared from her parent's home in Tokyo. She continued her silence on the matter of the previous day, however did comment that her careers as an actress and a singer have already been resumed, and that music is currently being produced.

On this evening Sawajiri exited her mother's apartment wearing a leopard print camisole which emphasized her breasts. The previous day she wore an outfit which revealed her thighs while heading to Ninagawa Mika (37)'s photography exhibition. She wore a black jacket with embroidery of a dragon and tiger in a feather weave, coordinated with jean pants accented with several holes.

Within a myriad of camera flashes, Sawajiri waved to about 80 reporters with a smile. Questions like "Did you really break up with him through e-mail?" were met with only her sunglasses and a smile from beginning to end. She then boarded a black Mercedes driven by an avex official which confirms the contract with the management. According to her, she returned to her parents house early in the morning on the 29th. Since news of her divorce were discovered on the 26th she has returned to her parents home to encounter her mother for the first time in three days.

Though Sawajiri has kept silence about the divorce, she has talked to reporters about wanting to work again, "I want to do movies and music," and also commenting that several club-music songs have already been produced. Sawajiri made her debut in music on August 6th with the single "Taiyou no Uta" under the name Kaoru Amane, which met with being first place on the Oricon weekly charts, so musical activity is already guaranteed. It is not yet certain whether AVEX will help in releasing her next musical piece, though the situation most definitely calls it to be enough proof.

Additionally, an official of a TV station said that "She's received the most attention out of any other actress this year. I want to offer her a role in a cool drama for July at the earliest;" it was also commented that work is sure to start immediately after the divorce has been settled.

Translated from: Yahoo! Japan News

May 28, 2009

Comeback in August?

The last thing we heard from Erika is that she went to Spain for her honeymoon, to study graphic design and to further improve her English skills all in one go. The plan was to make a comeback later this year and now some more details regarding that move has come to light.

"It's been more than 1 and a half years since all the riots she caused. She's been separated from work and from her fans for such a long time, so it seemed like that she didn't get offers for roles anymore. However, whenever there have been news about her coming back to Japan, her agency literally got flooded with requests for movies and doramas. The marriage with Takashiro was another smash in the face for the agency, but as long as there is work they can easily forget about such things. Now they've actually persuaded Sawajiri to return to Japan before the Summer." An insider revealed.

Erika was actually supposed to make her comeback right after her teary apology on TV after the Betsu ni... incident, but she disregarded that plan and traveled to London. Her marriage too, she never kept her agency in the loop. These events caused rumors like that her agency would deprive her of role offers in return, but now they unexpectedly seem to have changed their mood towards Erika and even decided to make a comeback with a movie completely produced by Stardust themselves.

"Since this year, Sawajiri's agency Stardust Promotions started not only to make but also to distribute movies by themselves. The first movie they distributed was "Yomei" in February. There is a lot of money to earn by distributing a movie by yourself and so it's just normal that they are seeking for a very big hit." A movie writer explained.

"There have actually also been rumors about Sawajiri getting the role in 'Yomei' long before it got released. Not many theaters played the movie when it got released in February, but a lot of them stated that it would have certainly been a hit with Sawajiri in the starring role and they definitely would have put it in their programs."

It's not that Erika and Takashiro really have to worry about their income, but a comeback in August could become reality since the timing seems to be right.

Credits to www.erika-sawajiri.net
Source: Cyzo

March 25, 2009

Oricon: Most Dramatic Life

Oricon asked about 1,200 men and women which celebrity has the "most dramatic way of life". Actress Sawajiri Erika ranked first. She's someone who gained a lot of attention with her uncontrolled words and is probably the most appropriate person for the 1st place.

Unforgettable here behavior at the stage greeting with her several dull answers like "Not really.." which became a major buzzword and not to mention her marriage in 2008 that had been all over the press. It's not a big surprise that she got most the votes, but let's look at some of the comments from the voters. "I've voted for her, because she gets constantly observed by reporters, had this huge bombshell announcement, and she got married." A teenage girl from Osaka explained. "None of us ordinary people will ever able to live as freely as she does." Another teenage girl from Toyama commented. Some opinions like of this man (from Aichi, in his twenties) even go one step further, saying that, "You could be able to make her life into a movie."

On 2nd place comes Matsuda Seiko, an idol from the 80's who already went through two divorces in her life and constantly made headlines with her work and her private life. "She keeps on shining and standing at the foremost front despite all her scandals." Most of the comments said something similar to that one, but there also aren't just a few women who look up to her way of life, especially her love life.

The 3rd place goes to famous director, actor, comedian, host, writer, painter... Kitano Takeshi. "This man simply is a genius and he really crept up from the bottom." - "He's interesting, he's funny, he's cool, he's uncontrollable and he does whatever he wants. In short, he's an amazing person." Comments such as those two above always pile up when it comes to this man, not only in Japan. He used the boom of comedians to make it all the way to the top and and later became a worldwide acclaimed movie director. Kitano also had many drastic events in his life such as his severe motorcycle accident. It's hard to find someone who doesn't respect this man.

Here now the top 05:

1. Sawajiri Erika (22) - Actress and singer
2. Matsuda Seiko (47) - Singer and actress
3. Kitano Takeshi (62) - Personality, director, actor, writer, ...
4. Tamura Hiroshi (29) - Comedian
5. Amuro Namie (31) - Singer

Cr. http://jyoyu.blogspot.com

December 23, 2008

Gendai's take on the "retirement" theories

Will Sawajiri Erika really just fade away like that? Lately there have been a lot of "retirement theories."

"The basis of this theory is that plans to play the leading role in next season's "Monday-9pm-dorama" on Fuji TV got suddenly scrapped. There have also been offers for doramas from NTV, but those got canceled on Erika's side as well, raising the discussions about a possible retirement."

There have also been rumors about them staying in London for New Year's holiday (note: her mother already said that they will come back before that, so that rumor was false!) and lately there are reports about a possible marriage with her lover Takashiro Tsuyoshi in January next year. However, it's highly unlikely that Sawajiri is going to disappear just like that.

As a matter of fact, she's going to come back by the beginning of next year. She'll renewal her CM contracts and talk with her agency about their future plans.

"During her 'suspension' there have been many offers to her office about roles in movies and doramas. However, her desire to marry seems to be very strong and so it's difficult to persuade her into accepting those offers. Her office has basically "became the horse instead of the commander." On the other hand it's said that Takashiro appealed to her the other day and suggested her to make a comeback. He's been in the business for a while and understands the circumstances of her office more than she does. It seems that they have come to an agreement to postpone the marriage for a little while."

With Takashiro as her "guardian" persuading her, Erika can't help but to accept some of the offers. A "January-Comeback" might be out of the question, but the more it's likely to see her in a dorama in April.

Credit: Gendai + ESN

December 21, 2008

Wedding Bells for Sawajiri!

Yesterday it has been announced that actress Sawajiri Erika and multi-creator Takashiro Tsuyoshi are going to marry in January 2009. The couple has been together since September last year and since 2008 they have been living together in London. They often came back to Japan due to Takashiro's work during the year. Now there's information that their next trip home will be before the end of the year and while they are here, they are said to officially announce their marriage.

Their stay in London was caused by Erika's scandal in 2007, after which she gradually lost all her contracts for roles in movies/dramas and almost every contract as image character for all kind of different products. Erika also used the opportunity to improve her English by studying at a language school and to have some relaxing time together with Takashiro.

The marriage is pretty much a fact, but from people close to them there's also information about the marriage already going to happen in January next year. She's supposed to announce it once they are back home. Details about the marriage are still unknown, but it has been already made clear that she's not pregnant.

Her agency is not yet confirming the reports, "We can't tell you anything regarding this matter until we've heard a comment from her herself about the current state of affairs once she returned back to Japan." Meanwhile her mother in Tokyo has already been asked about the marriage as well. "I can't tell you anything, except for that they'll come back by the end of the year. I can't wait to see her." About Takashiro she says the following, "He's a very nice person. My daughter is very important to him." She also quotes her of having said, that "she'd like to get married where she's been born and raised." This could vaguely mean that the marriage is going to happen in Japan.

During a live event Koda Kumi also already commented on Erika's marriage plans. "My deepest congratulations. I'm wishing them all the best." Further we have producer, TV Star and close friend of Takashiro, Terry Ito comment on the matter. "Isn't that a nice story? If I had to guess, then I think that Sawajiri fell in love with him first. You know, she lost her father at an early age and Takashiro might have a fatherly side to him." Comedian Katou Kouji then adds, "Would they invite you (Terry Itou) to their marriage? I don't think so. You are friends, but you aren't that close." Terry Itou just returned back to his function as main commentator in "Sukkiri!!" with Katou Kouji after his bone fracture on the 16th.

Since the scandal she still had commercials here and there and various photo shootings for magazines. By summer next year she's also predicted to start working as an actress again.

Credits to www.erika-sawajiri.net

August 21, 2008

Erika returning to Japan

Erika is back in Japan once again to celebrate her boyfriend's birthday. She was followed by press again and ignored all questions as usual.

Here's a small picture from his blog with Erika in it.


July 19, 2008

Erika's New Sala CM

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