March 29, 2008

News Reports on Erika's Return

Hypermedia creator Tsuyoshi Takashiro (43) and actress Sawajiri Erika (21) left for London on the 29th of January and came back after an interval of about 3 months.

Sawajiri came down from a Virgin Atlantic airplane in Narita Airport at about 9:40 a.m. and was in the lobby by a two-shot much similar to the departure of January 4th. The camera coverage shows her walking briskly apart from a weary Takashiro, whom was told "Welcome home!" revealing a state of surprise from him.

But, Sawajiri's makeup bag suddenly fell out of her hand, and contents were scattered in every direction for an assumed distance of about three meters, leaving her with a stupefied expression for several seconds and then yelled "Oh, shit!" The first words she uttered since her homecoming were such vulgar words. Although she didn't use much English in public until now, her language ability seems to have improved greatly. It's rare to say such English in a public place, but her language ability seems to have improved remarkably and seemed to ease foreigners who worry about the amount of English speakers.

Her expression stiffened when reporters helped her gather her makeup together, she gave them all candy afterwards and said "I'm really sorry. Thanks for helping." while showing a lovely smile.

Afterwards she was asked a few questions, "Were you able to relax in London?" she said "Yes, I was able to relax." And "Is your next movie being prepared?" she answered "It differs." When asked "Where will you spend your birthday next month?" she answered "I will spend it in Japan."

September of last year, she appeared at a preview of her starring movie "Closed Note" where she answered with ill-humored remarks which developed into a sort of riot against her, but this year Erika seems to have changed and appears to be a kinder person. While leaving the airport she drew closer to Takashiro again. She will resume work for a CM photoshoot soon.
Translated by Chris for FANTASY. Please credit when used elsewhere.

Erika's Back in Japan!

On March 29, 2008, Erika Sawajiri and boyfriend Tsuyoshi Takashiro returned to Japan after a 4 month stay in London, England. Aside from Erika appearing to be in a very good mood, there is nothing else new.

Photos of Erika at the Airport:

From Sawajiri Erika China

Closed Note DVD Ranking

Erika's latest movie Closed Note has been released on DVD, and has taken two spots on the Oricon DVD Ranking.

The Standard Edition took the #2 spot in the first day of release, while the Special Edition took the #4 spot.

March 27, 2008

Erika's New Sala ~Superior~ CM

Erika is in another CM for Kanebo's SALA ~Superior~ hair product! You can watch it here:

Or download it here:
From ESC

March 19, 2008

Marriage by the end of the year?

This year Erika left Japan to have a 'long vacation' in London. She didn't went alone as we all know. Her 'good friend' Takashiro went with her. However, instead of living in a hotel, they both actually seem to live a very happy life similar to a married couple. Now we all wonder (or fear) whether a marriage within 2008 is possible or not. To find out what exactly we know and why marriage actually might not be that bad, keep on reading.

I'm skipping what happened last year, you all should know by now. After all the mess, Erika and Takashiro decided to go to Britain together, with plans for her to come back sometime again. Up until now her presence in London is still considered to be a 'long vacation' only. At the end of last month and the beginning of this month, rumors appeared about them coming back to Japan very soon. An insider now says that it probably started because of Takashiro's work. However, he doesn't think that his work will force them to come back as Takashiro can basically work from around the world as long as he has access to a computer or his laptop.

As both of them don't really have to be concerned about money, it shouldn't be problematic to stay in an expensive hotel during their long vacation, yet they don't seem to live that way.
"Takashiro actually bought a high class apartment there for them to stay in. It seems as if they want to settle down there. There are eye-witnesses of them buying goods in a local supermarket. You can't deny that they are living in a 'de facto marriage' right now," we learn from the same insider.

Even though Erika caused a lot of trouble last year, she has been the biggest earner for her agency. Shouldn't a comeback easily be possible for somebody like her?
"The incident ruined her image quite bad. It takes some time to calm down the people and she should enjoy her vacation in London as for now," thinks a professional for public entertainment.

It obviously is very comfortable for them in London, nobody is chasing them down, people are leaving them alone. You could say that a marriage under such conditions might be highly possible. An insider of an advertising firm even thinks of it as a great chance for her to clean her image. "If she really considers a comeback, she would have to change a lot to free herself from the bad image," he says. "As a married woman and maybe even as a mother it would be a lot easier for her than trying to keep on going with her current bold and sexy routine."

Last year they both have kept on saying that they are only good friends. The person from the advertising firm, however, tells us that he actually met Takashiro in a bar last year and asked him 'Is Erika your big love?' and according to him, he answered, "Yes, she really is." More than that, he actually already introduced Erika to his mother and his older brother. "The fact that they still live as an unmarried couple must be due to the current circumstances," he adds.

If Erika really plans to marry this year, she will definitely be on the top of every news again.

Source from livedoor news
Translated/Written by HP@ESN

March 14, 2008

Erika in Glamorous April 2008 Scans


March 9, 2008

Erika #1 Most Hated Female Talent

This is a yearly poll done by Bubka. The number of votes is beside the name.

The Top 10 Most Hated Female Talent
1. Sawajiri Erika (503)
2. Nagasawa Masami (126)
3. Ogura Yuko (118)
4. Ueno Juri (105)
5. Kinoshita Yukina (104)
6. Hoshino Aki (97)
7. Natsukawa Jun (94)
8. Suzanne (83)
9. Abiru Yuu (79)
10. Koikie Eiko (73)

On the flipside, she also got in the Top 5 of the Most Liked Female Talent list with Nagasawa Masami, Aragaki Yui, Horikita Maki, and Ogura Yuko.

From ESN

March 7, 2008



ERIKA's first single "FREE", has been choosen to take part in the poll for the "Best New Artist Video" of MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS JAPAN 2008.
If you wish to show your strongest support for ERIKA, please register an account at MTVJapan to cast your vote!

In order to vote, follow these instructions:

First, click here. ( Click on any three categories you would like to vote for. (ERIKA is in BEST NEW ARTIST VIDEO.) Then, vote for your favorites.


It will ask you to either login with your MTVJapan account, or register a new one. If you do not already have one, you can register by filling out the form it gives you. Click the circled button in red in the image above to begin registration.
This is the form:

The first blank need you to type in in your Mail.
The second and third blanks ask you to type a password.
The seventh blank ask you for your mail address which MUST be something like 321-1234.
For the others, you can type in any thing you'd like and finally it will ask you to check your vote once again.
It only takes a short while to complete these steps, we hope that more fans will support ERIKA!!

written by:hydetetsu@ESN

March 6, 2008

Erika on Glamorous Cover (April 2008)

Erika has the cover for this magazine, and has done an interview for the magazine as well! When full scans come out, we shall see more. Hopefully someone will translate the interview too. Perhaps she will talk about her recent time in London? Or maybe talk about when she wants to come back to work?

On an unrelated note, Erika's official website has been updated with something. When you visit here, you will be taken to the news, it has an update from 2008.3.6 thu with no subject, when you click that link it will bring up a popup with this page inside. All it is is a picture of baby Erika with "Back to basic." written on it. Any idea what this might mean?

March 4, 2008

Update on Erika's Contracts

Sony Ericsson
Has most likely ended, or will end very soon.

Pepsi Nex
Erika's contract with Pepsi has probably ended as well, they have recently hired three new people to advertise for Pepsi nex.

Meiji FRAN
Has most likely ended, or will end very soon.

Kanebo SALA
Has just began a new campaign featuring Erika. Contract shouldn't end for a while.

Just began in the last months of 2007, will not end yet.

March 1, 2008

Sourpuss thespian Sawajiri snared in Doppelgang bang scandal

The actress storms off stage in a rage and demands a massage from her manager. Admonishing him for starting with her feet, she then thrusts out her breast and insists he start his petting there, according to Friday (3/7).

When asked her opinion of the manager's mammary ministrations the actress huffs "betsu ni" -- Sawajiri's trademark phrase meaning "nothing special" -- that derives from an infamous response to what she thought of her role in a recent movie.

From the clothes, accessories, blond wig, legendarily snooty attitude and uppity voice, there seems little doubt the actress is Erika Sawajiri, the 21-year-old thespian who raised a storm last autumn with a display at a news conference so petulant that has gone down in Japanese entertainment history.

But surely it couldn't be the otherwise squeaky clean Sawajiri baring a breast for all to see?

Actually, it's not. But it is a woman who bares an incredibly close resemblance to her.

What's going on is a scene from "Erika Sama (Lady Erika)," an adult movie that should have hit store shelves last week had it not been canned by producers Real Works, despite widespread expectation that it would be a surefire hit.

"Tokyo Sports (newspaper) had a big impact because it gave the movie front page treatment with a story that really raised expectations. It wasn't hard, because it was a movie featuring a star who's the spitting image of a really popular actress," an adult movie industry insider tells Friday. "It was definitely a movie I would have liked to have had a peek at."

But just days before the movie was due to go on sale, Real Works decided to cancel the skinflick, with only a cryptic message its website saying: "Sales have been cancelled for a number of reasons."

Real Works is not particularly forthcoming when the weekly contacts it to find out more.

"Sorry, but we can't say any more than what appeared on the website," a spokesman for the adult movie production company says.

Considering the movie had the copycat Sawajiri performing in scenes mimicking precise situations the real actress has appeared in, as well as featured take-offs of commercials in which she has appeared, rumors became rife that Real Works bowed to pressure from the performer's talent agency or sponsors. It seems "Erika Sama" was just a little too close to home.

"Being so accurate definitely had some connection to sales being halted," an adult movie production company boss tells Friday. "Initially, there were rumors that complaints from Sawajiri's talent agency or representatives from the beverage maker she advertises for had something to do with the movie being withdrawn from sale, but this talk was totally groundless.

"Real Works, which made the movie, is actually the subsidiary of another adult movie company. That company is part of the same group of corporations that makes up one of Japan's largest music and video rental companies. Apparently, a message was passed down from the top of the group's parent company to Real Works' bigger adult movie company, telling them to pull 'Erika Sama' because the contents were just too close to the real Sawajiri for comfort."

Source: FRIDAY
Written by: Ryann Connell (MDN)

Oricon: "hime kaji" fashion

"Hime kaji" - short for "hime (princess) casual" - is the latest fashion style gaining in popularity. According to an Oricon survey on the topic, idol Shoko Nakagawa best exemplifies the image.

#2 was Kyoko Fukada, who topped the "hime sexy" survey last summer. She was followed by Yuko Ogura, Yuri Ebihara, and Ayumi Hamasaki to complete the top 5.

Erika Sawajiri ranked 6th, ahead of Yui Aragaki. At #8, there was a three-way tie among Suzanne, Emi Hashino, and Aki Hoshino.

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