March 25, 2009

Oricon: Most Dramatic Life

Oricon asked about 1,200 men and women which celebrity has the "most dramatic way of life". Actress Sawajiri Erika ranked first. She's someone who gained a lot of attention with her uncontrolled words and is probably the most appropriate person for the 1st place.

Unforgettable here behavior at the stage greeting with her several dull answers like "Not really.." which became a major buzzword and not to mention her marriage in 2008 that had been all over the press. It's not a big surprise that she got most the votes, but let's look at some of the comments from the voters. "I've voted for her, because she gets constantly observed by reporters, had this huge bombshell announcement, and she got married." A teenage girl from Osaka explained. "None of us ordinary people will ever able to live as freely as she does." Another teenage girl from Toyama commented. Some opinions like of this man (from Aichi, in his twenties) even go one step further, saying that, "You could be able to make her life into a movie."

On 2nd place comes Matsuda Seiko, an idol from the 80's who already went through two divorces in her life and constantly made headlines with her work and her private life. "She keeps on shining and standing at the foremost front despite all her scandals." Most of the comments said something similar to that one, but there also aren't just a few women who look up to her way of life, especially her love life.

The 3rd place goes to famous director, actor, comedian, host, writer, painter... Kitano Takeshi. "This man simply is a genius and he really crept up from the bottom." - "He's interesting, he's funny, he's cool, he's uncontrollable and he does whatever he wants. In short, he's an amazing person." Comments such as those two above always pile up when it comes to this man, not only in Japan. He used the boom of comedians to make it all the way to the top and and later became a worldwide acclaimed movie director. Kitano also had many drastic events in his life such as his severe motorcycle accident. It's hard to find someone who doesn't respect this man.

Here now the top 05:

1. Sawajiri Erika (22) - Actress and singer
2. Matsuda Seiko (47) - Singer and actress
3. Kitano Takeshi (62) - Personality, director, actor, writer, ...
4. Tamura Hiroshi (29) - Comedian
5. Amuro Namie (31) - Singer


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