September 30, 2007

Erika in CodeNeo Oct 07 Scans

September 29, 2007

Erika at Closed Note Premiere 9/29

Erika Sawajiri, star of the new movie Closed Note, which premiered today, arrived at the premiere in a new blonde hairstyle, a chiffon animal print dress, and something on her mind that seemed to have her upset greatly. She's been acting differently for the past few days, beginning with the 'Radio de Culture' television appearance. People have said she appeared to have a 'Cold Hearted Queen' feeling. She stood the whole time, with her head down, folded arms, and sighing repeatedly. She did end up apologizing, however, stating that she wasn't feeling well at the time. This time it's definitely not just the bad attitude she's been rumored to have! We hope she feels better soon!

Erika on Yomiuri Weekly Oct 14 07 Issue

Erika in B.L.T. Nov 07 Scans

Erika in Vivi Nov 07 Scans

Erika in Escala Issue #02 Scans

Erika in Circus Oct 07 Scans

Erika in Crea Oct 07 Scans

Erika in sweet Oct 07 Scans

September 28, 2007

Watch the new Sony Ericsson W53S CM

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Erika on Radio de Culture 9/28

It's the infamous appearance of Erika on "Radio de Culture" from today (Sep 28).
You wouldn't image how much of a buzz it started again. She sure didn't make too many friends at this show. Erika, with a stiffen face, seems to be completely angry throughout the show. The hosts have a hard time to finish the whole interview.
There is a completely unpleasant feeling from the start to the end.
Later, in the fan question part of the morning looks could kill..
It all became worse when she answered "None" to the question "What are your weak points?". Sure, it's good to be self-confident, but she said it in such a tone...
We all know that Erika sometimes has her five minutes, but this kind of attitude in public/the media only pushes the enemies of her.

Part 1:
Part 2:

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September 27, 2007

Erika is the face of new Kanebo COFFRET D'OR Cosmetics

The concept for the newest Kanebo campaign, COFFRET D'OR (which will be replacing T'estimo), is the idea of beauty that blazes from the beholder. This new line is designed to draw out and enhance a woman's natural beauty and bring it forth, regardless of age. The five remarkable actresses attached to this campaign is Takako Tokiwa (Mamiya Kyoudai, Long Love Letter), Miki Nakatani (Silk, Memories of Matsuko), Kou Shibasaki (Dororo, Battle Royale), Erika Sawajiri (Mamiya Kyoudai, 1 Liter of Tears), and Keiko Kitagawa (Dear Friends, Heat Island). These women were chosen as present day ladies to express the "elegance and beauty made ideal from the beholder, flowing from the inside out." This campaign is extensive and will range from television commercials to magazine advertisements.


September 25, 2007

Preview of 'Destination Nowhere'


Sony Ericsson W53S Campaign

Sony recently began the promotion campaign for the new "W53S" phone in Tokyo on September 25. Erika appeared with yet another new hair style, this time a blonde wig, and a neat, white dress, with brown boots. It is reported that she was very excited just to see the crowd of people there! In the promotion campaign for this phone, Erika changes into 100 different costumes, each one to match the 100 designs of the phone itself. She dressed as many things, such as a bride, a school girl, a surfer, a pirate, santa, a gypsy, and tons more. The commercial for this will begin to air on television on September 28, 2007. Also, they will be displaying the 100 photos of Erika, and all 100 phones that guests can actually try as well.

September 23, 2007

2nd single 'Destination Nowhere' Confirmed

After some speculations on 2ch, it now has been confirmed.
Erika will release a second single under her nickname "ERIKA".
Erika's new song is called "Destination Nowhere" and will be the theme song for the upcoming fall dorama "Mop Girl", starring Kitagawa Keiko in the main role.
The official release date for the single is not November 07, but November 28. There will be a "CD Only" (1,223Yen) and "DVD+CD" (1,575Yen) version again. Here some short info about the upcoming dorama. The title is, as mentioned above, Mop Girl.
It will air on TV Asahi every Friday at 11:15pm, starting from October 12.
The dorama will be about the slow but hardworking Momoko, played by Kitagawa. She is a low-ranking employee at a funeral services company. Part of her job is to carry a mop (hence the title). However, Momoko happens to possess a strange ability. Whenever she comes across the corpse of someone who has left strong feelings behind, she travels back in time to save that person from his or her fate.
The rest of the cast includes Tanihara Shosuke, Asami Reina, Takaoka Sousuke, Sato Jiro and more.
Go to for more info.

To be the theme song of a dorama can always push your sales.
What do you think?

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Erika as new 'spokesperson' for fountain pens

In Tokyo on September 23, 3007, Erika has been chosen as the 'spokesperson' for fountain pens, apparently to encourage the use of the pen. This type of pen is used a lot in Erika's new movie, Closed Note, which opens on September 29, 2007.
Erika showed up wearing a red kimono, and the 'Way' pen made my the Delta company in italy (75,000 yen). Erika mentions that red is one of her favorite colors, and the pen is very pretty and matches her kimono.

source: nikkan sports

FREE Week 11 Sales

Erika's single FREE has managed to stay on the Oricon charts for 11 weeks! It sold 947 copies this week, compared to 894 last week. This brings the total amount of copies sold to 118,289! If Erika can keep sales like this for the next week or two, she will make the 120,000 mark.

Erika in Cinema Square Oct 2007

September 22, 2007

Erika at Stardust Audition on 9/15 - 2

Erika at final Closed Note Screening

On September 21, Sawajiri Erika (21) attended the preview screening of "Closed-Note" (directed by Isao Yukisada; opening 09/29) in the Yurakucho Yomiuri Hall of Tokyo and people were able to greet her in an hand-shake event on stage.
Erika, who appeared in an adult-like black dress this time, went on the stage to greet the audience. While the 1100 people from the audience had the chance to personally greet her, a few "ERIKA!" shouts could be heard from the crowd.
The preview screening campaign made stops in eight different places and now is finally coming to an end. "The provincial tour is coming to an end. It's the first time that we are finishing the event with a greeting and it makes me really happy.", Erika said. After this she had to answer questions coming from the seats (the audience). "She really presents an adult-like aura and has been incredible good-looking", people later commented.
It was the first public appearance of Erika after the rumor of her affair with Takashiro Tsuyoshi (43), but there has been no comment from Erika about it. At the end, Erika pulled out four lucky people from the audience. Their prize was an handwritten autograph from Erika.

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Erika on Shukan Gendai Oct 2007

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Erika in Oricon Style Oct 2007

Erika in JNude Sept 2007

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