December 23, 2008

Gendai's take on the "retirement" theories

Will Sawajiri Erika really just fade away like that? Lately there have been a lot of "retirement theories."

"The basis of this theory is that plans to play the leading role in next season's "Monday-9pm-dorama" on Fuji TV got suddenly scrapped. There have also been offers for doramas from NTV, but those got canceled on Erika's side as well, raising the discussions about a possible retirement."

There have also been rumors about them staying in London for New Year's holiday (note: her mother already said that they will come back before that, so that rumor was false!) and lately there are reports about a possible marriage with her lover Takashiro Tsuyoshi in January next year. However, it's highly unlikely that Sawajiri is going to disappear just like that.

As a matter of fact, she's going to come back by the beginning of next year. She'll renewal her CM contracts and talk with her agency about their future plans.

"During her 'suspension' there have been many offers to her office about roles in movies and doramas. However, her desire to marry seems to be very strong and so it's difficult to persuade her into accepting those offers. Her office has basically "became the horse instead of the commander." On the other hand it's said that Takashiro appealed to her the other day and suggested her to make a comeback. He's been in the business for a while and understands the circumstances of her office more than she does. It seems that they have come to an agreement to postpone the marriage for a little while."

With Takashiro as her "guardian" persuading her, Erika can't help but to accept some of the offers. A "January-Comeback" might be out of the question, but the more it's likely to see her in a dorama in April.

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December 21, 2008

Wedding Bells for Sawajiri!

Yesterday it has been announced that actress Sawajiri Erika and multi-creator Takashiro Tsuyoshi are going to marry in January 2009. The couple has been together since September last year and since 2008 they have been living together in London. They often came back to Japan due to Takashiro's work during the year. Now there's information that their next trip home will be before the end of the year and while they are here, they are said to officially announce their marriage.

Their stay in London was caused by Erika's scandal in 2007, after which she gradually lost all her contracts for roles in movies/dramas and almost every contract as image character for all kind of different products. Erika also used the opportunity to improve her English by studying at a language school and to have some relaxing time together with Takashiro.

The marriage is pretty much a fact, but from people close to them there's also information about the marriage already going to happen in January next year. She's supposed to announce it once they are back home. Details about the marriage are still unknown, but it has been already made clear that she's not pregnant.

Her agency is not yet confirming the reports, "We can't tell you anything regarding this matter until we've heard a comment from her herself about the current state of affairs once she returned back to Japan." Meanwhile her mother in Tokyo has already been asked about the marriage as well. "I can't tell you anything, except for that they'll come back by the end of the year. I can't wait to see her." About Takashiro she says the following, "He's a very nice person. My daughter is very important to him." She also quotes her of having said, that "she'd like to get married where she's been born and raised." This could vaguely mean that the marriage is going to happen in Japan.

During a live event Koda Kumi also already commented on Erika's marriage plans. "My deepest congratulations. I'm wishing them all the best." Further we have producer, TV Star and close friend of Takashiro, Terry Ito comment on the matter. "Isn't that a nice story? If I had to guess, then I think that Sawajiri fell in love with him first. You know, she lost her father at an early age and Takashiro might have a fatherly side to him." Comedian Katou Kouji then adds, "Would they invite you (Terry Itou) to their marriage? I don't think so. You are friends, but you aren't that close." Terry Itou just returned back to his function as main commentator in "Sukkiri!!" with Katou Kouji after his bone fracture on the 16th.

Since the scandal she still had commercials here and there and various photo shootings for magazines. By summer next year she's also predicted to start working as an actress again.

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