August 31, 2007

GyaoTV Online

Erika is featured now on GyaoTV Online. They are streaming a short (about 6 minute long) video on Erika. The video, however, is only available to people in japan. We will try our hardest to get this video as soon as possible.

ERIKA2007 Full Photobook Pictures

August 30, 2007

ERIKA2007 DVD Clip

August 29, 2007

Closed Note (Intro) + Nikkei Ent. Oct Cover

Closed Note Introduction Video with interviews from ENJOY MOVIE

Erika was also featured in another magazine! On the cover for Nikkei Entertainment's October 2007 issue. Scans will be posted as they become available, as usual!

August 28, 2007

Erika appearing on 'Domoto Kyoudai'

Erika will be appearing on the Japanese television show called Domoto Kyoudai, this September. The show has just recently been recorded, and will be aired on TV on September 23, 2007. Video of this episode, along with translations, will be posted as they become available.

Closed Note - Info, sypnosis and trailers

"Closed Note was originally serialized on a mobile phone site between October 2004 and August 2005. The story recorded over one million hits, and it was subsequently published as a book in January 2006. Director Isao Yukisada ("Crying Out Love, In the Center of the World") decided to make a movie after discovering the book in a store.

Erika plays a college student studying education, who is in love with a painter (Yusuke Iseya). When she moves into a new apartment, she discovers a notebook left behind by the previous tenant, an elementary school teacher (Yuko Takeuchi). She opens it, finding that it contains the teacher's diary. As she becomes more engrossed in it, the lives of the two women begin to converge."

Erika vs. Chinatsu

Erika Sawajiri once again hits the eyes of the japanese gossip world!
She was noted to be an enemy of Japan's most popular Actress Nagasawa Masami. Now she has turned against her partner, Chinatsu Wakatsuki who worked with Erika in the 2006 movie, Ghost Train.
Erika and Chinatsu used to be very close in terms of relationship, They even established Sawajiri Fanclub together.
It was reported Chinatsu claimed she cannot stand Erika's 'high handed & tyrannical' attitude. She quit the club in May 2007 soon after.
Followed by a recent variety buzz, Chinatsu & Erika met at the backstage for a variety show. According to the report, Chinatsu greeted Erika 'Ohayou'. But the Erika gave her an arrogant look, replied 'Huh!' and spat her chewing gum right in front of Chinatsu.
Chinatsu was furious & a fight between the both of them nearly sparked off. Fortunately, Chinatsu's assistant & the backstage crew was there to stop pull her off before the incident turned disastrous.
Agency of Chinatsu later replied 'no comment' to the press, whereas, Erika's agency replied to the press that Erika was working elsewhere during that incident. thus they urged fans of both party to calm down & treat the news as a rumor.
source: esn

August 27, 2007

Pict-UP Aug 2007 scans

PINKY + with Oct 2007 + Ryuko Tsushin Aug 2007

Ryuko Tsushin



Kindai Oct 2007 scans

Non-no Aug 2007 + Telepal F Oct + Invitation Aug-Sept scans

Telepal F October '07

Non-no August '07


Spring + JUNON Oct 2007 scans



Soup Oct 2007 scans

Vivi - Oct 2007 Scans

September 03, 2007 Update - Higher quality, unwatermarked scans added.

August 26, 2007

More ERIKA2007 Previews

Here's another video with previews for Erika's upcoming photobook. It just shows a few more images from the book, and some making-of footage.

ERIKA2007 - Entry for drawing to attend Closed Note premiere

People who purchase Erika's new photobook, ERIKA2007, will receive a form to enter into a drawing to attend the Closed Note premiere. Entry must be recieved by September 12, 2007. They will pick 100 people, allowed to bring 1 guest, to attend the September 21st premiere.

COOLTRANS - October 2007 Cover

Here we have another magazine cover featuring Erika, this time for COOLTRANS October 2007 issue.

August 23, 2007

Lots of magazine covers!

Here are the covers for six of the magazines Erika has been on recently:

Erika will be featured in tons of other magazines in the coming weeks, here is a full list:
August 20: non-no
August 23: YoungJump
August 23: VOCE
August 23: vivi
August 23: spring
August 23: PINKY
August 23: Soup.
August 23: JUNON
August 23: kindai
August 23: Enjoy Movie (Closed Note)
August 24: telepal f
August 24: COOLTRANS
August 25: エスカーラリン
August 28: with
August 29: ERIKA2007 (Photobook)
September 01: nicola
September 01: LOVE BERRY
September 01: Pichi Lemon
September 01: Hana*Chu→
September 01: Cinema★Cinema
September 01: Monthly Audition
September 04: Nikkei Entertainment!
September 04: CIRCUS
September 04: Family Mart
September 05: Closed Note Music Movie With YUI (Movie Soundtrack Clip Collection)
September 06: JNude
September 07: CREA
September 07: GLAMOROUS
September 10: THE21
September 12: sweet
September 12: 流行通信
September 15: SEVENTEEN
September 20: nonno
September 20: codeNEO
September 24: street JACK

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