April 29, 2010

Musical career resumed, possible drama in July

Sawajiri Erika (24), whom has expressed intention of divorcing her husband Takashiro Tsuyoshi (45) on the 29th, appeared from her parent's home in Tokyo. She continued her silence on the matter of the previous day, however did comment that her careers as an actress and a singer have already been resumed, and that music is currently being produced.

On this evening Sawajiri exited her mother's apartment wearing a leopard print camisole which emphasized her breasts. The previous day she wore an outfit which revealed her thighs while heading to Ninagawa Mika (37)'s photography exhibition. She wore a black jacket with embroidery of a dragon and tiger in a feather weave, coordinated with jean pants accented with several holes.

Within a myriad of camera flashes, Sawajiri waved to about 80 reporters with a smile. Questions like "Did you really break up with him through e-mail?" were met with only her sunglasses and a smile from beginning to end. She then boarded a black Mercedes driven by an avex official which confirms the contract with the management. According to her, she returned to her parents house early in the morning on the 29th. Since news of her divorce were discovered on the 26th she has returned to her parents home to encounter her mother for the first time in three days.

Though Sawajiri has kept silence about the divorce, she has talked to reporters about wanting to work again, "I want to do movies and music," and also commenting that several club-music songs have already been produced. Sawajiri made her debut in music on August 6th with the single "Taiyou no Uta" under the name Kaoru Amane, which met with being first place on the Oricon weekly charts, so musical activity is already guaranteed. It is not yet certain whether AVEX will help in releasing her next musical piece, though the situation most definitely calls it to be enough proof.

Additionally, an official of a TV station said that "She's received the most attention out of any other actress this year. I want to offer her a role in a cool drama for July at the earliest;" it was also commented that work is sure to start immediately after the divorce has been settled.

Translated from: Yahoo! Japan News

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