December 23, 2008

Gendai's take on the "retirement" theories

Will Sawajiri Erika really just fade away like that? Lately there have been a lot of "retirement theories."

"The basis of this theory is that plans to play the leading role in next season's "Monday-9pm-dorama" on Fuji TV got suddenly scrapped. There have also been offers for doramas from NTV, but those got canceled on Erika's side as well, raising the discussions about a possible retirement."

There have also been rumors about them staying in London for New Year's holiday (note: her mother already said that they will come back before that, so that rumor was false!) and lately there are reports about a possible marriage with her lover Takashiro Tsuyoshi in January next year. However, it's highly unlikely that Sawajiri is going to disappear just like that.

As a matter of fact, she's going to come back by the beginning of next year. She'll renewal her CM contracts and talk with her agency about their future plans.

"During her 'suspension' there have been many offers to her office about roles in movies and doramas. However, her desire to marry seems to be very strong and so it's difficult to persuade her into accepting those offers. Her office has basically "became the horse instead of the commander." On the other hand it's said that Takashiro appealed to her the other day and suggested her to make a comeback. He's been in the business for a while and understands the circumstances of her office more than she does. It seems that they have come to an agreement to postpone the marriage for a little while."

With Takashiro as her "guardian" persuading her, Erika can't help but to accept some of the offers. A "January-Comeback" might be out of the question, but the more it's likely to see her in a dorama in April.

Credit: Gendai + ESN

December 21, 2008

Wedding Bells for Sawajiri!

Yesterday it has been announced that actress Sawajiri Erika and multi-creator Takashiro Tsuyoshi are going to marry in January 2009. The couple has been together since September last year and since 2008 they have been living together in London. They often came back to Japan due to Takashiro's work during the year. Now there's information that their next trip home will be before the end of the year and while they are here, they are said to officially announce their marriage.

Their stay in London was caused by Erika's scandal in 2007, after which she gradually lost all her contracts for roles in movies/dramas and almost every contract as image character for all kind of different products. Erika also used the opportunity to improve her English by studying at a language school and to have some relaxing time together with Takashiro.

The marriage is pretty much a fact, but from people close to them there's also information about the marriage already going to happen in January next year. She's supposed to announce it once they are back home. Details about the marriage are still unknown, but it has been already made clear that she's not pregnant.

Her agency is not yet confirming the reports, "We can't tell you anything regarding this matter until we've heard a comment from her herself about the current state of affairs once she returned back to Japan." Meanwhile her mother in Tokyo has already been asked about the marriage as well. "I can't tell you anything, except for that they'll come back by the end of the year. I can't wait to see her." About Takashiro she says the following, "He's a very nice person. My daughter is very important to him." She also quotes her of having said, that "she'd like to get married where she's been born and raised." This could vaguely mean that the marriage is going to happen in Japan.

During a live event Koda Kumi also already commented on Erika's marriage plans. "My deepest congratulations. I'm wishing them all the best." Further we have producer, TV Star and close friend of Takashiro, Terry Ito comment on the matter. "Isn't that a nice story? If I had to guess, then I think that Sawajiri fell in love with him first. You know, she lost her father at an early age and Takashiro might have a fatherly side to him." Comedian Katou Kouji then adds, "Would they invite you (Terry Itou) to their marriage? I don't think so. You are friends, but you aren't that close." Terry Itou just returned back to his function as main commentator in "Sukkiri!!" with Katou Kouji after his bone fracture on the 16th.

Since the scandal she still had commercials here and there and various photo shootings for magazines. By summer next year she's also predicted to start working as an actress again.

Credits to

August 21, 2008

Erika returning to Japan

Erika is back in Japan once again to celebrate her boyfriend's birthday. She was followed by press again and ignored all questions as usual.

Here's a small picture from his blog with Erika in it.

July 19, 2008

Erika's New Sala CM

June 26, 2008

Erika's Comeback Confirmed?

According to a rumor, Stardust Promotion, Erika's agency, just opened a new division- Stardust Pictures, which will be primarily making movies. Erika's comeback is now apparently guaranteed because she has been chosen to star in the first film from the production company. A movie called "Life Expectancy", alongside Takeuchi Yuko, Nakatani Miki, Shibasaki Kou, and Takako Tokiwa.

June 11, 2008

Erika's Comeback?

It's a fact that actress Sawajiri Erika, who went to Great Britain has frequently been coming back to her home country, though next to commercials and work for monthly magazines, she has actually steadily been preparing to hasten a real comeback.

"Once her tourist visa expires, it will only be a matter of time when the media is going to ask her office 'When will she come back?', but Erika has already been back in May for things like commercials and features in monthly magazines," a person from the office explains.

Erika got a lot of criticism from various kind of sides for her arrogant attitude in the "Betsu ni.." incident in October last year. This year she's been going to Great Britain with her 22 years older lover Takashiro Tsuyoshi, going as far as renting an apartment in London, therefore raising the question whether that's gonna be her exile from the world of show business for real now.

"In late March she returned home for a CM, once finished she went back to London again. It's said that if this CM was canceled, she would have gotten the sack from her office," a public reporter tells us.

However, the circumstances seem to be quite different according to authorized people.

"Erika got suspended from work for one year. In the meantime she studied in Great Britain. Her office and Takashiro supported her through the time of antagonism. Thanks to that she's been more grown up each time she came back here," are the inside informations from a movie company authorized person.

It's said that she stopped receiving offers after the bashing, but in truth she got flooded with requests. "A few movies have already been nominated for her comeback," says an authorized person from a major office.

Let us all believe that this is true and that Erika is soon going to work on a new movie.

From HPriest@ESN

June 7, 2008

Erika in VoCE July 2008 Scans

June 4, 2008

FANTASY is One Year Old

This isn't news, but I thought I'd post about it anyway.
It has been exactly one year since I first started updating this Erika fansite. The time has gone by so quickly! Thank you to all of Erika's fans and the everyone who visits this site and uses me as a resource for all of your Erika news.~

June 2, 2008



May 30, 2008

Erika and Takashiro Split?

Recent rumors say that Erika Sawajiri is to split from her boyfriend Tsuyoshi Takashiro. Before this it was reported that she and her boyfriend together were temporarily living in London and almost planning to get married, but now, they are suddenly going to separate. There is a surprising reason: Takashiro is in debt.

According to some in entertainment circles, Takashiro knows Erika likes brand-name products, and in London he bought her lots of high-end items as a gift for her birthday, which cost large sums of money. Takashiro has already spent about 20-30 million yen on her.

Takashiro has spent too much on Erika. We cannot say that it is an aid communication between them, but it does show that they were not meant to be together if they can break up for lack of money. Nevertheless, as the message of separation spreads, the call for Erika’s return becomes louder and louder!

May 19, 2008

VoCE July 2008 Cover

May 11, 2008

Erika in VoCE July 2008 (Preview)

The issue goes on sale May 23, 2008.

May 8, 2008

Nikkei Ent. - Best Looking Celebrities

Nikkei Entertainment has done another poll, this time surveying 3000 people ages 10-59 to find out which celebs they think outshine the rest in the looks department.

  1. Kimura Takuya
  2. Fukuyama Masaharu
  3. Itou Misaki
  4. Darvish Yu
  5. Fujiwara Norika
  6. Okada Jun'ichi
  7. Hayami Mokomichi
  8. Oguri Shun
  9. Ebihara Yui
  10. Koyuki
  11. Yonekura Ryoko
  12. Tamaki Hiroshi
  13. Matsushima Nanako
  14. Yamashita Tomohisa
  15. Mizuki Arisa
  16. Aragaki Yui
  17. Gackt
  18. Sawajiri Erika
  19. Chibana Kurara
  20. Leah Dizon
  21. Takizawa Hideaki
  22. Odagiri Joe
  23. Ikuta Toma
  24. Takenouchi Yutaka
  25. Oshikiri Moe
  26. Akanishi Jin
  27. Shibasaki Kou
  28. Takeuchi Yuko
  29. Nagasawa Masami
  30. Koike Teppei
It's nice that Erika still makes it into these rankings even after all of the bad press she has received, and her long absence from the spotlight.
From yunareira at esn

May 7, 2008

COFFRET D'OR Website Update

The COFFRET D'OR hompage has been updated with the new images for the campaign.

Erika to Return to Japan?

A new rumor is going around that Erika will return to Japan once again sometime in June this year. Apparently she and her boyfriend Tsuyoshi Takashiro will be there to support Hidetoshi Nakata, a former football player (and a good friend of Takashiro) in his first friendly match since retirement.
If Erika does come back, she will also meet with workers at Stardust Promotion to come to an agreement about her future work plans, if any.
From Rabbitamane

May 2, 2008

Erika for Kanebo's COFFRET D'OR

From Rabbitamane

April 24, 2008

VoCE July 2008 Cover

Erika will be on the cover of VoCE magazine's July 2008 issue. The issue will be published on May 23, 2008.


Two new (low quality) images of Erika in the new Kanebo COFFRET D'OR campaign ads have been released. The images will be used for the summer campaign and will begin on June 16, 2008.

April 19, 2008

Erika in London

Pictures of Erika in London have come out! It's sad that she can't even go to London without Japanese reporters following her around. She also seems to be smoking in the first picture...

From ESC

April 14, 2008

A silent departure, Erika back in London

The work that had to be done is done and Erika flew back to London. Once again departing from Narita Airport, Erika and Tsuyoshi left Japan at 11:30 in the morning. It has been 15 days since they came back to Japan and Erika's welcome-back message 'Oh, shit!'
It looks like they reserved a first class lounge in an 'Virgin Atlantic' airplane. It didn't take long until the press noticed the couple and so they both hurried to check in. Erika wore a long white coat and her beloved huge sunglasses. Tsuyoshi had a white coat as well, making the couple's look perfect.

She has been asked how long they will stay in London this time. "Please, just a short note," but Erika's facial expression didn't change at all. Later when they were boarding the plane, they've tried it again, but this time in English. "How long will you stay in London?" Although she might have understood that already, she probably hasn't been in the mood to answer. All in all they didn't answer any of the questions.

As expected her stay didn't last very long, but during those 15 days she has been able to shoot a CM and to celebrate her 22nd birthday. This time the couple is expected to stay abroad for a longer time. Erika also will remain her studies at a language school there to increase her English skills.

Translated by HPriest@ESN

April 11, 2008

'Oh $#&%!' Foul-mouthed starlet Sawajiri's Career Crisis

Having snuck off to London for three months with a boyfriend more than twice her age, actress Erika Sawajiri announced her return to Japan by proclaiming "Oh shit" after dropping her make-up kit at Narita Airport. If she's seriously thinking about her career prospects, Shukan Bunshun says she might use exactly the same phrase.
"She's having a great time taking things easy over there in her 'trial marriage.' She came back to Japan for work, but will go back to London in the middle of April," a reporter says. "This time, she's gonna stay there for a really long time."

Sawajiri, 21, has been living in the British capital with Tsuyoshi Takashiro, a hyper-media creator (whatever that is), who at 43 is 22 years older than her. Sawajiri's career has virtually been on hold since September last year, when she threw a tantrum at a news conference where she was supposed to be promoting her new movie. Her petulant display caused an uproar in the media, and though she quickly went into damage control and apologized, she's since done little work.

"There were reports of her going crazy at the Led Zeppelin concert in London in December and then she flew off to Britain not long into the New Year. Since then, she hasn't tried to hide her relationship with Takashiro and has had no problem being photographed with him," another celebrity beat hack following Sawajiri in London says.

"She's using a pricey apartment Takashiro is renting as her base and going to English classes every day. She's also going out doing a lot of shopping and taking in the tourist traps. She went and saw a lot of old English castles and has flown over to Spain. Takashiro has apparently got a lot of bases in Europe where he can do his work and she's apparently gone on a trip to the Caribbean with him, too."

Takashiro is actually a bit of a celebrity in his own right.
"The apartment they're living in is in a pricey area of London. They're paying about 700,000 yen a month in rent. They're not showing any concerns about money, shopping at an exclusive supermarket near their place, eating out a lot and staying in five-star, luxury hotels despite having their own apartment," the hack says. "Takashiro's connections have seen her go out to quite a few parties at night. And he's always with her when she goes out to buy clothes for the dos. Sawajiri does things at her own pace and is not scared to speak her mind, but Takashiro just stands by, gently grinning."

What remains uncertain is whether Sawajiri is taking a break, or deliberately holding back on more work to show she is reflecting on her bad behavior last year.

"Actually, she hasn't got any TV or movie work in the pipeline at all. The only work she does have is for a few existing contracts for commercials," a TV industry insider tells Shukan Bunshun. "The situation is totally dependent on whether Sawajiri wants to do more work or not. Her talent agency is waiting with bated breath."

Several offers made to Sawajiri were withdrawn following her hissy fit, and though the spoiled brat act was not generally seen as being career-threatening then, things have changed now.

"Her agency is pretty keen to get her a high profile job she can use for a 'comeback' appearance, but life is so good for her at the moment, I doubt she's in a hurry to do it," an entertainment beat reporter says. "Considering she was a good money earner for them, I guess the agency would be pretty peeved."

A reporter for a women's magazine, however, says Sawajiri should think deeply about what she's doing.

"If nothing else, her time away from the limelight has showed the entertainment world here that it doesn't really need Sawajiri," the women's gossip rag hack tells Shukan Bunshun. "There are loads of actresses similar to her popping up all over the place."

April 3, 2008

Erika Shoots New CM in Tokyo

Erika's first project since her arrival in Tokyo. She started filming her new CM at "Kadokawa Daiei Motion Picture Company" in Tokyo, Chofu City. Short after 9 in the morning, Erika arrives at the studio with a high-class sports car, appearing in a white jacket and sunglasses. She didn't respond to any questions by the journalists. It is known that within this month she plans to go back to England and probably visit other European countries as well.
From HPriest@ESN

March 29, 2008

News Reports on Erika's Return

Hypermedia creator Tsuyoshi Takashiro (43) and actress Sawajiri Erika (21) left for London on the 29th of January and came back after an interval of about 3 months.

Sawajiri came down from a Virgin Atlantic airplane in Narita Airport at about 9:40 a.m. and was in the lobby by a two-shot much similar to the departure of January 4th. The camera coverage shows her walking briskly apart from a weary Takashiro, whom was told "Welcome home!" revealing a state of surprise from him.

But, Sawajiri's makeup bag suddenly fell out of her hand, and contents were scattered in every direction for an assumed distance of about three meters, leaving her with a stupefied expression for several seconds and then yelled "Oh, shit!" The first words she uttered since her homecoming were such vulgar words. Although she didn't use much English in public until now, her language ability seems to have improved greatly. It's rare to say such English in a public place, but her language ability seems to have improved remarkably and seemed to ease foreigners who worry about the amount of English speakers.

Her expression stiffened when reporters helped her gather her makeup together, she gave them all candy afterwards and said "I'm really sorry. Thanks for helping." while showing a lovely smile.

Afterwards she was asked a few questions, "Were you able to relax in London?" she said "Yes, I was able to relax." And "Is your next movie being prepared?" she answered "It differs." When asked "Where will you spend your birthday next month?" she answered "I will spend it in Japan."

September of last year, she appeared at a preview of her starring movie "Closed Note" where she answered with ill-humored remarks which developed into a sort of riot against her, but this year Erika seems to have changed and appears to be a kinder person. While leaving the airport she drew closer to Takashiro again. She will resume work for a CM photoshoot soon.
Translated by Chris for FANTASY. Please credit when used elsewhere.

Erika's Back in Japan!

On March 29, 2008, Erika Sawajiri and boyfriend Tsuyoshi Takashiro returned to Japan after a 4 month stay in London, England. Aside from Erika appearing to be in a very good mood, there is nothing else new.

Photos of Erika at the Airport:

From Sawajiri Erika China

Closed Note DVD Ranking

Erika's latest movie Closed Note has been released on DVD, and has taken two spots on the Oricon DVD Ranking.

The Standard Edition took the #2 spot in the first day of release, while the Special Edition took the #4 spot.

March 27, 2008

Erika's New Sala ~Superior~ CM

Erika is in another CM for Kanebo's SALA ~Superior~ hair product! You can watch it here:

Or download it here:
From ESC

March 19, 2008

Marriage by the end of the year?

This year Erika left Japan to have a 'long vacation' in London. She didn't went alone as we all know. Her 'good friend' Takashiro went with her. However, instead of living in a hotel, they both actually seem to live a very happy life similar to a married couple. Now we all wonder (or fear) whether a marriage within 2008 is possible or not. To find out what exactly we know and why marriage actually might not be that bad, keep on reading.

I'm skipping what happened last year, you all should know by now. After all the mess, Erika and Takashiro decided to go to Britain together, with plans for her to come back sometime again. Up until now her presence in London is still considered to be a 'long vacation' only. At the end of last month and the beginning of this month, rumors appeared about them coming back to Japan very soon. An insider now says that it probably started because of Takashiro's work. However, he doesn't think that his work will force them to come back as Takashiro can basically work from around the world as long as he has access to a computer or his laptop.

As both of them don't really have to be concerned about money, it shouldn't be problematic to stay in an expensive hotel during their long vacation, yet they don't seem to live that way.
"Takashiro actually bought a high class apartment there for them to stay in. It seems as if they want to settle down there. There are eye-witnesses of them buying goods in a local supermarket. You can't deny that they are living in a 'de facto marriage' right now," we learn from the same insider.

Even though Erika caused a lot of trouble last year, she has been the biggest earner for her agency. Shouldn't a comeback easily be possible for somebody like her?
"The incident ruined her image quite bad. It takes some time to calm down the people and she should enjoy her vacation in London as for now," thinks a professional for public entertainment.

It obviously is very comfortable for them in London, nobody is chasing them down, people are leaving them alone. You could say that a marriage under such conditions might be highly possible. An insider of an advertising firm even thinks of it as a great chance for her to clean her image. "If she really considers a comeback, she would have to change a lot to free herself from the bad image," he says. "As a married woman and maybe even as a mother it would be a lot easier for her than trying to keep on going with her current bold and sexy routine."

Last year they both have kept on saying that they are only good friends. The person from the advertising firm, however, tells us that he actually met Takashiro in a bar last year and asked him 'Is Erika your big love?' and according to him, he answered, "Yes, she really is." More than that, he actually already introduced Erika to his mother and his older brother. "The fact that they still live as an unmarried couple must be due to the current circumstances," he adds.

If Erika really plans to marry this year, she will definitely be on the top of every news again.

Source from livedoor news
Translated/Written by HP@ESN

March 14, 2008

Erika in Glamorous April 2008 Scans


March 9, 2008

Erika #1 Most Hated Female Talent

This is a yearly poll done by Bubka. The number of votes is beside the name.

The Top 10 Most Hated Female Talent
1. Sawajiri Erika (503)
2. Nagasawa Masami (126)
3. Ogura Yuko (118)
4. Ueno Juri (105)
5. Kinoshita Yukina (104)
6. Hoshino Aki (97)
7. Natsukawa Jun (94)
8. Suzanne (83)
9. Abiru Yuu (79)
10. Koikie Eiko (73)

On the flipside, she also got in the Top 5 of the Most Liked Female Talent list with Nagasawa Masami, Aragaki Yui, Horikita Maki, and Ogura Yuko.

From ESN

March 7, 2008



ERIKA's first single "FREE", has been choosen to take part in the poll for the "Best New Artist Video" of MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS JAPAN 2008.
If you wish to show your strongest support for ERIKA, please register an account at MTVJapan to cast your vote!

In order to vote, follow these instructions:

First, click here. ( Click on any three categories you would like to vote for. (ERIKA is in BEST NEW ARTIST VIDEO.) Then, vote for your favorites.


It will ask you to either login with your MTVJapan account, or register a new one. If you do not already have one, you can register by filling out the form it gives you. Click the circled button in red in the image above to begin registration.
This is the form:

The first blank need you to type in in your Mail.
The second and third blanks ask you to type a password.
The seventh blank ask you for your mail address which MUST be something like 321-1234.
For the others, you can type in any thing you'd like and finally it will ask you to check your vote once again.
It only takes a short while to complete these steps, we hope that more fans will support ERIKA!!

written by:hydetetsu@ESN

March 6, 2008

Erika on Glamorous Cover (April 2008)

Erika has the cover for this magazine, and has done an interview for the magazine as well! When full scans come out, we shall see more. Hopefully someone will translate the interview too. Perhaps she will talk about her recent time in London? Or maybe talk about when she wants to come back to work?

On an unrelated note, Erika's official website has been updated with something. When you visit here, you will be taken to the news, it has an update from 2008.3.6 thu with no subject, when you click that link it will bring up a popup with this page inside. All it is is a picture of baby Erika with "Back to basic." written on it. Any idea what this might mean?

March 4, 2008

Update on Erika's Contracts

Sony Ericsson
Has most likely ended, or will end very soon.

Pepsi Nex
Erika's contract with Pepsi has probably ended as well, they have recently hired three new people to advertise for Pepsi nex.

Meiji FRAN
Has most likely ended, or will end very soon.

Kanebo SALA
Has just began a new campaign featuring Erika. Contract shouldn't end for a while.

Just began in the last months of 2007, will not end yet.

March 1, 2008

Sourpuss thespian Sawajiri snared in Doppelgang bang scandal

The actress storms off stage in a rage and demands a massage from her manager. Admonishing him for starting with her feet, she then thrusts out her breast and insists he start his petting there, according to Friday (3/7).

When asked her opinion of the manager's mammary ministrations the actress huffs "betsu ni" -- Sawajiri's trademark phrase meaning "nothing special" -- that derives from an infamous response to what she thought of her role in a recent movie.

From the clothes, accessories, blond wig, legendarily snooty attitude and uppity voice, there seems little doubt the actress is Erika Sawajiri, the 21-year-old thespian who raised a storm last autumn with a display at a news conference so petulant that has gone down in Japanese entertainment history.

But surely it couldn't be the otherwise squeaky clean Sawajiri baring a breast for all to see?

Actually, it's not. But it is a woman who bares an incredibly close resemblance to her.

What's going on is a scene from "Erika Sama (Lady Erika)," an adult movie that should have hit store shelves last week had it not been canned by producers Real Works, despite widespread expectation that it would be a surefire hit.

"Tokyo Sports (newspaper) had a big impact because it gave the movie front page treatment with a story that really raised expectations. It wasn't hard, because it was a movie featuring a star who's the spitting image of a really popular actress," an adult movie industry insider tells Friday. "It was definitely a movie I would have liked to have had a peek at."

But just days before the movie was due to go on sale, Real Works decided to cancel the skinflick, with only a cryptic message its website saying: "Sales have been cancelled for a number of reasons."

Real Works is not particularly forthcoming when the weekly contacts it to find out more.

"Sorry, but we can't say any more than what appeared on the website," a spokesman for the adult movie production company says.

Considering the movie had the copycat Sawajiri performing in scenes mimicking precise situations the real actress has appeared in, as well as featured take-offs of commercials in which she has appeared, rumors became rife that Real Works bowed to pressure from the performer's talent agency or sponsors. It seems "Erika Sama" was just a little too close to home.

"Being so accurate definitely had some connection to sales being halted," an adult movie production company boss tells Friday. "Initially, there were rumors that complaints from Sawajiri's talent agency or representatives from the beverage maker she advertises for had something to do with the movie being withdrawn from sale, but this talk was totally groundless.

"Real Works, which made the movie, is actually the subsidiary of another adult movie company. That company is part of the same group of corporations that makes up one of Japan's largest music and video rental companies. Apparently, a message was passed down from the top of the group's parent company to Real Works' bigger adult movie company, telling them to pull 'Erika Sama' because the contents were just too close to the real Sawajiri for comfort."

Source: FRIDAY
Written by: Ryann Connell (MDN)

Oricon: "hime kaji" fashion

"Hime kaji" - short for "hime (princess) casual" - is the latest fashion style gaining in popularity. According to an Oricon survey on the topic, idol Shoko Nakagawa best exemplifies the image.

#2 was Kyoko Fukada, who topped the "hime sexy" survey last summer. She was followed by Yuko Ogura, Yuri Ebihara, and Ayumi Hamasaki to complete the top 5.

Erika Sawajiri ranked 6th, ahead of Yui Aragaki. At #8, there was a three-way tie among Suzanne, Emi Hashino, and Aki Hoshino.

February 23, 2008

Erika's AV Lookalike to Release Video

The second lookalike Erika adult video now may finally be released. There was been a lookalike video earlier this year already, but by a different maker (yet same producer). Both videos feature the same actress. The new video with the title "Super lookalike shock!! Erika-sama AV-debut?!" had a lot of delays. One reason is that it's the same actress, but there have been complaints. It looks like that one soft-drink and one dress could be identified in the preview pics. Usually such things are censored in the final product.The pictures in the preview now have been removed. Apparently Erika's agency made those complaints to stop the release of the AV. They have only been able to delay it for another week, the video now has a release date of 03/06.

Translated by HPriest@ESN

Erika ranks in CM Top 20

Erika ranks in the top20 of "most favorite woman in a CM of 2007." Last year, about 3000people have been asked each month, which celebrity of the currently airing CMs they like the most. Now the final result of the annual research is out and Ueto Aya finally stands at the top again. Last year she has only been third, but with her Softbank mobile phone CM she made the comeback as CM-queen. The biggest surprise is at place two with Aoi Yu who has not even been in the top100 the year before. Erika did a good job with her 13th place. Her Fran commercials boosted her into the top20. Last year she has been 52nd only. The complete top20 for female celebrities can be seen in the here.

Translated by HPriest@ESN

February 22, 2008

Erika's new SALA CM

Even though Erika is in London for the year, it looks like we will still get to see her quite a bit through the year.

A new SALA Straight Mist CM has been put up on the official site, you can stream it here, or watch it at the official site.

You can also download the .flv file here. (sharebee)

February 20, 2008

Erika's Ranking in Yahoo! 2007 Music Award

Yahoo! Japan has announced the results of its 2007 Yahoo! Music Awards. The main awards, which were decided by users' votes, went to the following artists:

Yahoo! also revealed its own rankings for the year, based on factors such as downloads and page views. Mr.Children was #1 in the Artist category, while GReeeeN's "Aiuta" won in the Works category.

The full lists of nominees and winners, including Yahoo! category rankings, can be seen at the official website.

February 14, 2008

Oricon: beautiful skin

The website of Oricon's audition magazine De-View recently surveyed its users to see which actresses are considered to have beautiful skin. Aoi Miyazaki and Erika Sawajiri tied for first in the poll, both receiving praise for their skin's smoothness.

Nanako Matsushima, Koyuki, and Haruka Ayase were next on the list, in order. Yui Aragaki and Miho Kanno both ranked at #6. Erika Toda, Aya Ueto, and Emi Suzuki had a three-way tie to complete the top ten.

February 12, 2008

Poll: Who are you looking forward to in 2008?

Erika has ranked in another poll. This time people are asked which stars they look forward to seeing more of in 2008. This question was asked in November of 2007, and asked to 3,300 people. Erika ranks at #17 in the poll. The fact that this poll was conducted in November of 2007 may explain the low ranking Erika received, since at the time there was still quite a bit of drama going on with Erika. Although she is currently in London on vacation, it has been said that Stardust will maybe be working on getting Erika a role in a movie or drama this fall.

You can view the article along with the rest of the top 20 celebrities in the poll here:

February 5, 2008

Destination Nowhere Final Sales

ERIKA's second single, Destination Nowhere, has dropped completely out of the top 200 in the 9th week of release. The total amount of copies sold according to Oricon is 43,209. But according to RIAJ, 100,000 copies of the single were produced/sold. The single was pretty much a "flop" compared to Taiyou no Uta and FREE. It did do decently with digital downloads. It was certified as gold (100,000) on download charts.

January 29, 2008

Jimmy Page on Erika

Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page has been in Tokyo to promote the bands new release "Mothership" on Monday, Jan. 28, 2008. Erika once said that Led Zeppelin influenced her the most and even went to London to for their reunion concert.

During the press conference they came to the topic about their younger generation of fans. "Could you please comment on one of your fans, the 21year old Sawajiri Erika," he suddenly has been asked. "Unfortunately I don't know her," Jimmy replied in English, however, the translator at the event cleverly translated this answer into Erika's infamous catchphrase "Betsu ni..." This obviously triggered a lot of laughters among the other reporters.

Jimmy himself has been rather surprised about the reaction. "I wonder if maybe I should have met her beforehand. Supposing that she is a musician, please tell her to hold on to what she wishes for."

Just for your interest, there are no plans of Erika coming to Japan to meet Jimmy.

A small note for Led Zeppelin fans who already heard it anyway. Jimmy said that he is ready to take the band out on a world tour, but it won't happen anytime soon, because the singer has other plans at the moment.

Written by HPriest

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