December 23, 2008

Gendai's take on the "retirement" theories

Will Sawajiri Erika really just fade away like that? Lately there have been a lot of "retirement theories."

"The basis of this theory is that plans to play the leading role in next season's "Monday-9pm-dorama" on Fuji TV got suddenly scrapped. There have also been offers for doramas from NTV, but those got canceled on Erika's side as well, raising the discussions about a possible retirement."

There have also been rumors about them staying in London for New Year's holiday (note: her mother already said that they will come back before that, so that rumor was false!) and lately there are reports about a possible marriage with her lover Takashiro Tsuyoshi in January next year. However, it's highly unlikely that Sawajiri is going to disappear just like that.

As a matter of fact, she's going to come back by the beginning of next year. She'll renewal her CM contracts and talk with her agency about their future plans.

"During her 'suspension' there have been many offers to her office about roles in movies and doramas. However, her desire to marry seems to be very strong and so it's difficult to persuade her into accepting those offers. Her office has basically "became the horse instead of the commander." On the other hand it's said that Takashiro appealed to her the other day and suggested her to make a comeback. He's been in the business for a while and understands the circumstances of her office more than she does. It seems that they have come to an agreement to postpone the marriage for a little while."

With Takashiro as her "guardian" persuading her, Erika can't help but to accept some of the offers. A "January-Comeback" might be out of the question, but the more it's likely to see her in a dorama in April.

Credit: Gendai + ESN


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