May 30, 2008

Erika and Takashiro Split?

Recent rumors say that Erika Sawajiri is to split from her boyfriend Tsuyoshi Takashiro. Before this it was reported that she and her boyfriend together were temporarily living in London and almost planning to get married, but now, they are suddenly going to separate. There is a surprising reason: Takashiro is in debt.

According to some in entertainment circles, Takashiro knows Erika likes brand-name products, and in London he bought her lots of high-end items as a gift for her birthday, which cost large sums of money. Takashiro has already spent about 20-30 million yen on her.

Takashiro has spent too much on Erika. We cannot say that it is an aid communication between them, but it does show that they were not meant to be together if they can break up for lack of money. Nevertheless, as the message of separation spreads, the call for Erika’s return becomes louder and louder!

May 19, 2008

VoCE July 2008 Cover

May 11, 2008

Erika in VoCE July 2008 (Preview)

The issue goes on sale May 23, 2008.

May 8, 2008

Nikkei Ent. - Best Looking Celebrities

Nikkei Entertainment has done another poll, this time surveying 3000 people ages 10-59 to find out which celebs they think outshine the rest in the looks department.

  1. Kimura Takuya
  2. Fukuyama Masaharu
  3. Itou Misaki
  4. Darvish Yu
  5. Fujiwara Norika
  6. Okada Jun'ichi
  7. Hayami Mokomichi
  8. Oguri Shun
  9. Ebihara Yui
  10. Koyuki
  11. Yonekura Ryoko
  12. Tamaki Hiroshi
  13. Matsushima Nanako
  14. Yamashita Tomohisa
  15. Mizuki Arisa
  16. Aragaki Yui
  17. Gackt
  18. Sawajiri Erika
  19. Chibana Kurara
  20. Leah Dizon
  21. Takizawa Hideaki
  22. Odagiri Joe
  23. Ikuta Toma
  24. Takenouchi Yutaka
  25. Oshikiri Moe
  26. Akanishi Jin
  27. Shibasaki Kou
  28. Takeuchi Yuko
  29. Nagasawa Masami
  30. Koike Teppei
It's nice that Erika still makes it into these rankings even after all of the bad press she has received, and her long absence from the spotlight.
From yunareira at esn

May 7, 2008

COFFRET D'OR Website Update

The COFFRET D'OR hompage has been updated with the new images for the campaign.

Erika to Return to Japan?

A new rumor is going around that Erika will return to Japan once again sometime in June this year. Apparently she and her boyfriend Tsuyoshi Takashiro will be there to support Hidetoshi Nakata, a former football player (and a good friend of Takashiro) in his first friendly match since retirement.
If Erika does come back, she will also meet with workers at Stardust Promotion to come to an agreement about her future work plans, if any.
From Rabbitamane

May 2, 2008

Erika for Kanebo's COFFRET D'OR

From Rabbitamane

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