May 28, 2009

Comeback in August?

The last thing we heard from Erika is that she went to Spain for her honeymoon, to study graphic design and to further improve her English skills all in one go. The plan was to make a comeback later this year and now some more details regarding that move has come to light.

"It's been more than 1 and a half years since all the riots she caused. She's been separated from work and from her fans for such a long time, so it seemed like that she didn't get offers for roles anymore. However, whenever there have been news about her coming back to Japan, her agency literally got flooded with requests for movies and doramas. The marriage with Takashiro was another smash in the face for the agency, but as long as there is work they can easily forget about such things. Now they've actually persuaded Sawajiri to return to Japan before the Summer." An insider revealed.

Erika was actually supposed to make her comeback right after her teary apology on TV after the Betsu ni... incident, but she disregarded that plan and traveled to London. Her marriage too, she never kept her agency in the loop. These events caused rumors like that her agency would deprive her of role offers in return, but now they unexpectedly seem to have changed their mood towards Erika and even decided to make a comeback with a movie completely produced by Stardust themselves.

"Since this year, Sawajiri's agency Stardust Promotions started not only to make but also to distribute movies by themselves. The first movie they distributed was "Yomei" in February. There is a lot of money to earn by distributing a movie by yourself and so it's just normal that they are seeking for a very big hit." A movie writer explained.

"There have actually also been rumors about Sawajiri getting the role in 'Yomei' long before it got released. Not many theaters played the movie when it got released in February, but a lot of them stated that it would have certainly been a hit with Sawajiri in the starring role and they definitely would have put it in their programs."

It's not that Erika and Takashiro really have to worry about their income, but a comeback in August could become reality since the timing seems to be right.

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