February 23, 2008

Erika ranks in CM Top 20

Erika ranks in the top20 of "most favorite woman in a CM of 2007." Last year, about 3000people have been asked each month, which celebrity of the currently airing CMs they like the most. Now the final result of the annual research is out and Ueto Aya finally stands at the top again. Last year she has only been third, but with her Softbank mobile phone CM she made the comeback as CM-queen. The biggest surprise is at place two with Aoi Yu who has not even been in the top100 the year before. Erika did a good job with her 13th place. Her Fran commercials boosted her into the top20. Last year she has been 52nd only. The complete top20 for female celebrities can be seen in the here.

Translated by HPriest@ESN


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