August 28, 2007

Erika vs. Chinatsu

Erika Sawajiri once again hits the eyes of the japanese gossip world!
She was noted to be an enemy of Japan's most popular Actress Nagasawa Masami. Now she has turned against her partner, Chinatsu Wakatsuki who worked with Erika in the 2006 movie, Ghost Train.
Erika and Chinatsu used to be very close in terms of relationship, They even established Sawajiri Fanclub together.
It was reported Chinatsu claimed she cannot stand Erika's 'high handed & tyrannical' attitude. She quit the club in May 2007 soon after.
Followed by a recent variety buzz, Chinatsu & Erika met at the backstage for a variety show. According to the report, Chinatsu greeted Erika 'Ohayou'. But the Erika gave her an arrogant look, replied 'Huh!' and spat her chewing gum right in front of Chinatsu.
Chinatsu was furious & a fight between the both of them nearly sparked off. Fortunately, Chinatsu's assistant & the backstage crew was there to stop pull her off before the incident turned disastrous.
Agency of Chinatsu later replied 'no comment' to the press, whereas, Erika's agency replied to the press that Erika was working elsewhere during that incident. thus they urged fans of both party to calm down & treat the news as a rumor.
source: esn


Terrik August 30, 2007 at 11:50 AM  

wow, that's kinda scary. i hope that it's not true

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