September 27, 2007

Erika is the face of new Kanebo COFFRET D'OR Cosmetics

The concept for the newest Kanebo campaign, COFFRET D'OR (which will be replacing T'estimo), is the idea of beauty that blazes from the beholder. This new line is designed to draw out and enhance a woman's natural beauty and bring it forth, regardless of age. The five remarkable actresses attached to this campaign is Takako Tokiwa (Mamiya Kyoudai, Long Love Letter), Miki Nakatani (Silk, Memories of Matsuko), Kou Shibasaki (Dororo, Battle Royale), Erika Sawajiri (Mamiya Kyoudai, 1 Liter of Tears), and Keiko Kitagawa (Dear Friends, Heat Island). These women were chosen as present day ladies to express the "elegance and beauty made ideal from the beholder, flowing from the inside out." This campaign is extensive and will range from television commercials to magazine advertisements.



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