September 19, 2007

Erika Dating Tsuyoshi Takashiro?

The new issue of weekly magazine Josei Seven has reported another rumored celebrity match: 21-year-old actress Erika Sawajiri and 43-year-old filmmaker and media creator Tsuyoshi Takashiro. Earlier this month, the magazine spotted the two eating at a bar with friends, before riding in Takashiro's car back to his place, where they spent more than 20 hours together. During the drive, they reportedly shared kisses while stopped at intersections. The two apparently met through a friend last October. It is said that they have traveled overseas together multiple times since then. In June they have been in Europe for 3 weeks. In July they have been in Taiwan together, and in August they have been in San Francisco. Erika's agency Stardust, neither approves nor denies the rumor. "It's their privacy." - We will have to wait for either Erika or Takashiro to comment on this.

source/translated by:hp@esn


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