September 25, 2007

Sony Ericsson W53S Campaign

Sony recently began the promotion campaign for the new "W53S" phone in Tokyo on September 25. Erika appeared with yet another new hair style, this time a blonde wig, and a neat, white dress, with brown boots. It is reported that she was very excited just to see the crowd of people there! In the promotion campaign for this phone, Erika changes into 100 different costumes, each one to match the 100 designs of the phone itself. She dressed as many things, such as a bride, a school girl, a surfer, a pirate, santa, a gypsy, and tons more. The commercial for this will begin to air on television on September 28, 2007. Also, they will be displaying the 100 photos of Erika, and all 100 phones that guests can actually try as well.


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