September 22, 2007

Erika at final Closed Note Screening

On September 21, Sawajiri Erika (21) attended the preview screening of "Closed-Note" (directed by Isao Yukisada; opening 09/29) in the Yurakucho Yomiuri Hall of Tokyo and people were able to greet her in an hand-shake event on stage.
Erika, who appeared in an adult-like black dress this time, went on the stage to greet the audience. While the 1100 people from the audience had the chance to personally greet her, a few "ERIKA!" shouts could be heard from the crowd.
The preview screening campaign made stops in eight different places and now is finally coming to an end. "The provincial tour is coming to an end. It's the first time that we are finishing the event with a greeting and it makes me really happy.", Erika said. After this she had to answer questions coming from the seats (the audience). "She really presents an adult-like aura and has been incredible good-looking", people later commented.
It was the first public appearance of Erika after the rumor of her affair with Takashiro Tsuyoshi (43), but there has been no comment from Erika about it. At the end, Erika pulled out four lucky people from the audience. Their prize was an handwritten autograph from Erika.

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