November 17, 2007

Oricon: Erika's Year, June 2007 - November 2007

Oricon has put up a special page for Erika on her year. It tells you all of the important things she has done from June 2007 until now. View the page here (in Japanese) or click 'Read more...' for a basic translation.

07 June
Nagasawa Masami was invited to the radio show "Real Erika" which was hosted by Erika herself, this help to clear the rumor about their fued with each other. Lots of things were discussed in the program, from how they celebrated their birthday, to photos taken by themselves when they went overseas.

04 July
Erika Sawajiri under the name of 'ERIKA' released her 1st single 'FREE' and it managed to debut at the 1st place on Oricon Charts. On August 30, 2006 under the name of 'Kaoru Amane' her single 'Taiyou no Uta' also manged to get the number one place on the chart. She is the only artist to get their first two singles to hit number one since Hiroko Yakushimaru in 1983.

21 August
The start of the new stick biscuit 'Fran Aromatier' campaign. You are able to see Erika change into 7 different hair styles in the CM. Hirai Ken's 'FAKE STAR' is used as the theme song for the cm.

11 September
Erika Sawajiri, together with other cast of "Closed Note" arrived in "都内" to begin promotion for the new movie 'Closed Note'.

12 September
Oricon had set up a poll with the topic as 'Which female actress do you think has the most beautiful face?' Erika Sawajiri together with Aragaki Yui both got the 1st place position due to same number of votes.

23 September
Erika Sawajiri was chosen as the spokesperson for the new fountain pen, she attended the event wearing a kimono with a rose design on it.

25 September
Erika Sawajiri was chosen as the person for Sony Ericsson new 'W53S', the new mobile has a new function which allows user to change the panels up to 100 different design, this function enables the user to change the panel easily to suit different mood and event. For this CM, we will be able to see Erika changing into 100 different styles and Erika had personally design 2 panels with the themes of "Love" and "Married" for "W53S" as well.

29 September
The 'Closed Note' PR event which started an uproar on Erika's attitude as a actress. News report and TV program had been pouring down news about Erika's negative attitude on the stage and sites had been setting up poll with Erika as the topic as well.

02 October
Erika wrote a letter of apology on her offical homepage to apologize for what she had done during the event.

04 October
'Closed Note' hit the large screen in Japan in 29 Sept and managed to get third place in charts after the first week. Erika Sawajiri appear in TV program 'Super Morning' (TV Asahi) where she spoke about her feelings and thought about what she had done. This is the first TV program which Erika went to after the Closed Note PR event.

16 October
Erika Sawajiri was ranked the 1st place in the Oricon poll with the topic as 'Which Celebrities are the current fashion leaders and who they want to copy'.

14 November
Erika Sawajiri together with other ladies of COFFRET D'OR, went to a public event to promote the new product and people were able to stream it live at Yahoo! Live Talk.

28 November
ERIKA's 2nd single "Destination Nowhere" will be released on the 28th of November.


Anonymous November 18, 2007 at 1:36 AM  

OK, what a list...

An Urban Legend -- or an Urban Conflict??

Whatever it is, the Urban Dictionary is dead right on this one:

Thanks to whoever has pointed out this source on the web.

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