October 7, 2007

Both Meiji and Kanebo Keep Silent

Gendai.net has tried to get a comment from both Meiji and Kanebo on whether or not they would terminate their contracts with Erika, like Subaru has done. Apparently they said that before they give an answer or make any final decisions, they will further discuss the matter and ask others what their opinions are. A few days ago Subaru had announced that they ended their contract with Erika because of several reasons, the main one being the negative publicity surrounding Erika right now. Because image is the most important thing when advertising a product, everything going on with Erika right now could affect the sales of any product she advertises. Because of recent events, Erika will have to once again prove that she is still capable of selling products, before anyone else will want to sign her.

Information from ESN.


Anonymous October 7, 2007 at 5:36 PM  

Yes I heard of this. IMO, if Kanebo dumps her then it would be a waste, it's not worth it -- she fits those cosmetics series pretty well.
But Meiji? I'm not impressed with those chocolate adverts, Fran adverts (kind of freaky), Xylish gum adverts (stupid stupid!!), right from the beginning.

One thing I know is that people are using 2Channel to coerce (kind of) readers into pressuring those sponsors into dumping her, by providing customer service numbers, email, web links of the remaining companies (Kanebo, Suntory, Sony Eric, etc.). Heard that FHI couldn't cope with all those negative voices from disgruntled audiences etc. so that's a reason to relieve her prematurely.

Lesson learned: smear your image just once, and it cannot be repaired forever. Especially on a public figure like this gal.

HPriest October 7, 2007 at 6:55 PM  

Once you have 2ch against you, you are going to have a hard life .. at least in public. It's true that the "anti-Erika" (or worse) topics are the majority on 2ch right now.
The "nice" topics about Erika on 2ch get invaded by haters all the time.. it's sad reading through those comments.

People must be really bored..I guess

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