October 28, 2007

New Oricon Poll

Oricon ran a survey asking 500 high school girls, "If you could become a particular celebrity for only a day, who would you be?" Out of female celebrities, the number-one answer was pop star Ayumi Hamasaki, apparently perceived as having a glamorous lifestyle. At number two was Maki Horikita, partly chosen because of her role in the "Hana Kimi" drama series, where she was surrounded by good-looking men. Kumi Koda tied for second with Horikita. Erika Sawajiri, still recovering from bad press, ranked fourth, ahead of popular actress Masami Nagasawa. Ai Otsuka and Karina were not far behind, tied for sixth. The survey also covered male celebrities. "Waratte Iitomo" host Tamori surprisingly topped the list. Many girls commented that they wanted to experience his work. The always-popular Takuya Kimura came second. L'Arc~en~Ciel's hyde made the list at #3, along with Tomohisa Yamashita. Fifth place saw a three-way tie among Masahiro Nakai, Kazuya Kamenashi, and Minomonta.

Credit to tokyograph.


jarload October 28, 2007 at 2:34 PM  

any update about her retirement rumour?...hope that's not true...

AZUMI October 28, 2007 at 7:52 PM  

Erika is better than Masami Nagasawa :P She wins again ^^ I'm happy for Erika

Anonymous October 31, 2007 at 6:37 PM  

masami nagasawa is pretty.. but she looks too typical in my opinion.. erika is special!

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