October 10, 2007

Isao Yukisada Will Continue Working With Erika

At the Pusan International Film Festival in Korea, the director of Closed Note, Isao Yukisada, has said that even though the recent incident involving Erika has caused a lot of trouble, he still plans to work with her in the future. He says that while he doesn't know what was bothering Erika that day, at all of the other Closed Note events, Erika was very pleasant. He knows that something in particular must have been bothering Erika that time, and it was not just her having an attitude. He will however, work with her again if he has the opportunity to.
Information from on.cc, translated by Thomas.


kawaii-chan October 10, 2007 at 8:13 PM  

wat a nice man ^^

Anonymous October 11, 2007 at 3:08 AM  

Nice!? What kind of remark is that.
He is a professional. He KNOWS what he is doing.

At 39, of course he is able to see through AND read people. He has worked with her, so deconstructing (decipherng?) some 21-year-old gal is no big deal.

He knows what kinds of recourses he needs for his professional career. And she is one of those assets.

Do you think he would ever succumb to those rant from the average outsider Joes out there?

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